World watches on as yet another third world country struggles with its experiment in democracy

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The world had its eyes on a small developing North American country last night after supporters of an ousted president attempted to storm the legislature building to challenge the presidential election results.

Constitutional historian Simon Williams told us, “It’s disappointing to see the hordes resort to this, but what can you really expect from this land of savages?

“They have only been experimenting with democracy for what – two hundred years? That’s not very long in the grand scheme of things, so you’d expect to see a few hiccups along the way.”

Williams went on to strike a more hopeful tone, explaining, “This kind of thing happens constantly in underdeveloped countries, they have not yet evolved towards a stable system of government.

“Last night does not surprise me, as they clearly do not have the same values ​​of justice and democracy which for most civilised nations are entirely innate.

“I would, however, say it is quite moving to see a troubled nation like this taking its first steps towards becoming a proper democracy. I felt quite emotional watching on as the elected representatives didn’t back down from the violent crowds and continued electing their new president. This might be a turning point for them.

“We shouldn’t be too quick to judge, because we must remember that we have been there too, though admittedly not for a few hundred years.

“But, for this fledgeling democracy in North America, I think this may be the start of a great story.

“Who knows, in a few hundred years, they might become the ones who will be an example of democracy, equality and progressivism for the rest of the world, even when the notion has been flouted and forgotten everywhere else.”

This article was first seen on our French partner site Le Gorafi – read it here.