Year 11 teacher suddenly receives 23 boxes of chocolates and 9 bottles of wine in the post

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A year 11 teacher has just received 23 boxes of chocolates, 9 bottles of wine, some perfume and 4 bunches of flowers in the post.

Simone Williams, a maths teacher from Leeds revealed earlier that she received the items co-incidentally within minutes of a government announcement regarding the grading of GCSE and A-Level results this summer.

Speaking earlier today she told us, “I couldn’t believe it, I was in the classroom trying to sort out another Teams lesson for the kids, when I received a lovely package with some chocolates and flowers in from one of my pupils wishing me a belated Merry Christmas.

“Then I received another not long after saying what a great teacher I was and how I inspired them to be a better person, if only they could get the grades to succeed in life, like I have, and another asking if I’d lost weight over Christmas.

“Before long I’d had over twenty boxes of chocolates and multiple bottles of wine, and flowers and everything, it was amazing.

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“God knows what’s has brought this on, they are usually so difficult to deal with, I really think they have turned a corner and just seem to appreciate me a lot more. What lovely children.”

Asked what grades she thinks the children will get in light of the gifts they gave her, we were told “Jesus, some of them will barely pass a thing. Thick as fuck they are.

“Except Craig, he’s thick as mince; but, he also just sent me a brand new PS5, so that’s probably the easiest 9 I’ll give all year.”