Wednesday 6 January 2021

Republicans behaving exactly as they said Democrats would if they lost

Capitol building stormed by protesters

As pro-Trump demonstrators storm the US capitol and engage in running battles with police, Republican commentators have warned this is exactly what would have happened if the Democrats had lost.

With reports of tear gas and shots fired in the heart of the US government, many senior figures on the American right took to Twitter to explain this is exactly the sort of behaviour the Democrats would have indulged in, had they lost.

“You have to understand this sort of violence is the stock in trade of the left,” Ted Cruz (R-Tex) said as he was bundled from the building in a gas mask.

“And rest assured, if President Trump had won a second term I would right now find myself being bundled out of the building in a gas mask away from leftists and Antifa.”

As Windows were broken and a running fight broke out with police in the Senate Hall, several Republican senators said Black Lives Matters would have been responsible for the violence if we lived in a parallel universe where Trump had not lost.

”You can’t trust Democrats not to turn nasty if they lose,” one said while picking broken glass out of his hair.

”Unlike Republicans, who clearly know how to lose with dignity.”

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