Just get the Army to illegally invade people’s homes and force the vaccine on them, suggests Tony Blair

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Tony Blair has today proposed a quick, effective way to get the nation vaccinated based on his tried and tested methods, it has emerged.

The former Prime Minister and shameless planet vandal gave an interview on Sky News this morning in which he criticised the current vaccination programme, saying the only way to achieve your aims is with the illegal use of the military.

“Throw everything at it,” he shrugged.

“Just like some Iraqis didn’t want us meddling in their affairs, some of the British public don’t want to be vaccinated, and to them, I say, well tough.”

Winking, he carried on, “This Coronavairus is truly a ‘Virus of Mass Destruction’ – geddit? – and I am the best person to offer advice on getting rid of it.

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“Start off with a few little drone strikes on every house, as a warning shot to enforce compliance among those demonstrating reluctance to toe the line. If they don’t come out with their arms outstretched to receive the vaccine then we have to put boots on the ground.

“And by ‘on the ground’ I mean kick their door in and get in their houses. Yes, it may be illegal, but in good conscience, I can justify it, and will continue to do so for years afterwards, despite the utter chaos caused by my proposed actions.”

Tony Blair is understood to have reached out to his old friend George W. Bush for assistance with the scheme, but the calls kept going to voicemail for some reason.