Tuesday 5 January 2021 by Pete Redfern

Hollywood celebrities wondering which John Lennon song to butcher this time

celebrities singing imagine

Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends are currently looking to record a follow-up to their viral ‘hit’ cover of ‘Imagine’, it has emerged.

With the announcement of another national lockdown in the UK and case numbers continuing to soar in the US, a number of Hollywood celebrities have taken it upon themselves once more to find a decent John Lennon song, strip it down and mangle it beyond recognition, all in the name of lifting our spirits.

“As we did with ‘Imagine’, we wanted to uplift and inspire our fans across the world to overcome the challenges of lockdown together,” explained the star from her multimillion-dollar home.

“We wanted to unite the planet, and many people said that we definitely did that last time, but not in the way we’d hoped, which I don’t quite understand but am too oblivious to read too much into.”

She went on, “So I’ve dug out some of John Lennon’s music to try and find the perfect one for us all to film ourselves singing.

“Only the morose stuff from the arrival of Yoko onwards though, none of that happy Beatles rubbish.”

Like most of the planet, music fan Simon Williams reacted with horror to the news.

“Oh please God, no,” he told us, muting Gal Gadot on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as he spoke.

“Last time she and the rest of them murdered a perfectly good Lennon song.

“Imagine there’s no heaven? After being subjected to that video last year, that was actually pretty easy.”

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