Government to convince anti-vax morons to take vaccine by telling them it contains sovereignty

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The government plans to convince the anti-vax community to take the Covid vaccine by telling them it is choc-full of good old British sovereignty.

As large numbers of the population continue to insist they won’t take the vaccine because they think that having given away most of his fortune, multi-billionaire Bill Gates wants to somehow use the vaccine to make back the money he willingly gave away, the government has hit upon the perfect plan.

Government spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Clearly these people are gullible morons, and much as it pains us, we are willing to exploit that fact to keep them safe, and of course to limit the chances of them giving covid to other people.

“We have noticed, unfortunately, a massive overlap between people who voted for Brexit because of ‘sovereignty’ and people who believe the vaccine is a plot to remove their freedoms.

“Most of them don’t know what ‘sovereignty’ is, they can’t see it, or touch it, but they know they want it – and that’s in our favour as we look to vaccinate them.

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“We just offer them a nice shot full of sovereignty and we’ll have them lining up around the block.”

Gullible simpleton and Brexit supporter Simon Williams told us, “Normally I would only take medical advice from a meme shared by my aunt on Facebook, but if the government says this vaccine contains sovereignty, then I feel like it’s my patriotic duty to take it, right?

“I mean, nothing bad ever happened when someone got more sovereignty?”

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