Moron claiming hospitals aren’t particularly busy was just watching Holby City

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An idiot who watched TV and then claimed that reports of crippled NHS hospitals were being overplayed by the mainstream media has been found to have just been watching a repeat of Holby City on Freeview’s Drama channel.

Derek Williams, an anti-vaxxer, Brexit voting conspiracy theorist, was convinced that reports of busy hospitals and full ICU departments was a load of overplayed nonsense designed to stir up fear, and turned on the TV to check it out for himself.

“These hospitals aren’t overrun at all!” he posted on a local Facegroup page devoted to the blind sycophantic worship of Julia Hartley Brewer, Toby Young and Laurence Fox.

“In fact, the Doctors and Nurses seem primarily to be concerned with shagging each other in between giving somewhat unconvincing CPR to the occasional heart attack victim.”

He went on, “There aren’t queues of beds in the corridors, or queues of ambulances outside, or anything like that.

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“And apart from the staff of the hospital having strangely complicated and interweaving personal narratives, it seems like it’s very much business as usual in the NHS.”

Derek’s wife, a rational human being called Deirdre, rolled her eyes and told us, “He thought it was the news again, bless him.

“I’ve found it easier to stick him in front of obscure Freeview channels in an attempt to distract him from conspiracy theory bullshit on Facebook, but sadly this time it has backfired somewhat.

“Time to dig out the Dads Army boxset again.

“Actually, maybe not. That’ll only get him started on Brexit again.”