Wednesday 30 December 2020 by Chris Ballard

Adult selection box containing Solpadeine, Gaviscon and Dulcolax already finished

Special adult Christmas selection box

A special selection box for grownups containing medicines vital for festive season survival has already been polished off.

The Christmas selection box is one of those wonderful festive traditions you never grow out of. When you’re a child it’s all about Curly-Wurlys and Freddos; when you’re an adult it’s about tackling hangovers and relieving constipation.

One thing that stays the same is that everything has been gobbled up well before the New Year.

Simon Williams is a forty-year-old father of two.

“I’ve reached the age where hangovers last about a week,” he told us.

“Having small children makes that a very special sort of hell.

“However, because it’s Christmas I have no choice but to drink to excess. A packet of Solpadeine is therefore an absolute necessity.

“Of course, all that alcohol – plus the obscene quantities of chocolate – tend to bung you up. It’s therefore important that each can of Stella is accompanied by a laxative chaser.

“As for Gaviscon, I usually just pour it over my cornflakes as a kind of ‘catch-all’ preventative to set me up for the day.

“Alka-Seltzer tablets get covered in used Quality Street wrappers and put back in the chocolate box; that keeps the pain relief ticking over nicely when you’re overindulging.

“Of course, the trouble with these adult selection boxes is that they’ve been consumed before you know it.

“Next year I think I’ll get one of those massive tubs of Medications – they obviously won’t last as long as those little Bounty bars but should see me through the festive period.”

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