Brits who fled Swiss ski quarantine found in nearby bar asking loudly for ‘full English and a pint, mate’

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The 200 British skiers who left a hotel in Verbier despite being told not to, have been found in a nearby bar speaking slowly and loudly to staff.

Switzerland had imposed a 10-day quarantine backdated to 14 December because of the new virus strain spreading in the UK, and told all the British skiers in hotels to stay in quarantine, an instruction they evidently found hard to obey.

Chief of Swiss Police Simon Williams told us, “I suppose it should have come as no surprise to learn that the Brits didn’t want to comply with the quarantine we imposed – ‘Rule Brittania, Brittania sways the rules’ and all that.

“But we thought that given that the UK has the worst Coronavirus statistics at the moment that they’d want to stay here where it is safer.”

He went on, “Fortunately they were pretty easy to locate. We just followed the trail of cigarette butts to the nearest bar and found them all in there trying to order pints of Carling and a fry-up in loud, slow English.”

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He went on, “I don’t know why they would choose to leave a luxury hotel in Verbier with its stunning views of the Alps, to head back to their drizzly Plague Island.

“Although I guess that kind of mentality fully explains the Brexit vote.”

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