Woman rewards herself for only eating one slice of cake with entire box of chocolates

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A woman who was ‘very good’ on Christmas Day and only ate one slice of cake has rewarded her strength of will with an entire Lindt selection box, according to reports.

Simone Williams, who displayed impressive restraint by only devouring one ‘quite small’ slice of Christmas cake and Stilton, spent the rest of the evening munching contentedly through the soft centres as a reward for being so strong.

“Christmas is a tough time to stick to a diet, so I had to be strong,” she told us about her struggle against cake.

“All day I could hear the cake calling to me, but I resisted.

“So in the evening, I felt I deserved something nice to reward myself and so I hoovered up the entire box.”

“Calories don’t count at Christmas anyway,” she added through a mouth surrounded by smears of chocolate.

When asked, Simone said she wasn’t planning on having any of the chocolate orange her man had given her, but she might have ‘just one’ mince pie from the pack of two dozen this evening as a bit of a treat.