Brexiters demand unequivocal ban on EU farmers catching potatoes in British soil

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Brexiters are today demanding that all EU farmers be immediately banned from catching potatoes in sovereign British soil.

Government Vegetable, Simon Williams, said, “Taking back control of British fields was a powerful driving-force behind Brexit.

“Over a long period, the Common Potatoes Policy has not worked for the U.K. potato industry, while it has also been slow to reform and address very real concerns around the sustainability of potato stocks.”

Brexiter, Christopher James, said, “For years, European potatomen have a much larger share of potato quotas in Britain’s inland fields than do the British themselves!

“We can’t risk our traditional King Edwards being taken by foreign potatomen and probably being renamed Pomme d’Eduarde or something in Frenchland!

“Just think about how this is going to affect my fish and chips! I might just have a lone fish sitting there on my plate!”