Thursday 17 December 2020 by Pete Redfern

White House Karen still demanding to speak to whoever is in charge of elections

Donald Trump Karen polling

Despite more than six weeks having passed since the US Presidential election, the White House Karen is still stomping her feet and demanding to speak to whoever is the manager in charge of fair elections, according to reports.

The further confirmation this week by the US Electoral College that Joe Biden won the 2020 election by a clear margin has done little to deter the Karen from her strop, according to those inside the White House and anyone with access to her public Twitter feed.

“Like, I get it,” commented White House aide Chuck Williams.

“When you know you’re facing a range of lawsuits, probable financial ruin and even possible jail time if you lose an election, then naturally you’re going to have an absolute meltdown when you end up losing it fair and square.”

He went on, “We’ve had burgers thrown across the room, slamming doors and stomping of feet, but eventually we relented and let the Karen have her phone back so she could tweet about how Joe Biden had stolen the election from her and how she had won.

“She’s filed lawsuits and demanded recounts left and right, and boy you should have seen her when they recounted those states and Biden just ended up getting more votes. She got redder and redder in the face!

“Well, at least I imagine she did – it’s hard to tell beneath the bright orange foundation she cakes on every day, clearly in a poorly lit room.”

White House Karen, or ‘Donald’ as she used to be known, declined to speak to us when approached for comment, instead telling us to ‘mind our own business’ and that she ‘would wait as long as it took for the manager or whoever is in charge of this dump’ to get back to her.

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