Grandad invited to Christmas dinner as long as he takes precaution of updating his will

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Grandad has been invited to the big family dinner on Christmas day, but only if he takes the necessary precaution of ensuring his last will and testament is up to date so that all those present will benefit quickly should he pass away unexpectedly in the next few weeks.

Derek Williams, 79, was thrilled to receive the invite to Christmas dinner from his son and daughter, who will be joining together for a three-family Christmas celebration.

He told us, “It’ll be so nice to see everyone and spend some quality time with the grandkids, so if I have to take a few small precautions such as updating my will and ensuring a copy is with my solicitor before I head over there, then so be it.”

Derek’s daughter, Sharon, told us, “My two kids are in primary school, and appear to spend half their time licking windows and eating dirt, so I felt it was only right that we use some common sense and make sure Dad has updated his will.

“Can you imagine if he got seriously ill from one of my kids coughing into his mouth and we hadn’t gone to the trouble of getting his will updated? We’d never forgive ourselves.

“So we’ve all got to do our bit this Christmas, and if a little bit of legal admin and witnessing of signatures is what’s needed to let us all have a lovely family Christmas day, then I think we can all live with that.

“Well, hopefully we can all live with that.”