Covid vaccine to be distributed through KFC so people won’t care what’s in it

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As the mass rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine gets underway, the government has announced it will be distributed through popular fast-food vendors to ensure people don’t worry about what might be in it.

Campaigners have suggested that what people put into their bodies should be subject to years of rigorous testing, leading to health experts giving a cynical laugh and pointing at that kebab shop you regularly go to at 2am.

“Concerns have been raised that people shouldn’t be putting a hellish concoction of untested chemicals and unknown ingredients into their bodies,” said NHS Spokesman Doctor Simon Williams. “But they still eat there.

“Pizza joints, kebab shops, burger franchises, and Taco Bell have all been pleased to welcome vaccination stations into their stores, and people who really want to risk their lives and health can eat the three-meat special once they’ve had their jab.

“Quite seriously, we’re surprised people need a vaccine to kill the disease at all, considering what they spend most of their time eating. You’d think they’d be immune to pretty much anything by now.”

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