Donald Trump presents Schrodinger’s evidence – simultaneously ‘overwhelming’ and ‘not enough to convince a single judge’

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The evidence proving massive fraud in the US election exists in a binary state depending on whether it’s being looked at by a Trump cult member on the Internet or an actual judge in a court of law, physicists have confirmed.

Scientists have learned that the two types of evidence exist in a state of quantum superposition – one which demonstrates a stable conspiracy of tens of thousands of people working to prevent the re-election of America’s beloved President, and another which vanishes the moment a judge looks at it.

Despite seeming internally contradictory, Senior Republicans insist that quantum events have been observed at the Planck scale and can exist for a fraction of a second and so can be said to exist at a theoretical level, just like the evidence they have all been thoroughly convinced by.

“It’s a process which we define as collapsing the Red Wave,” said Professor Simon Williams of the Kettering Institute of Theoretical Conspiracies.

“The Red Wave exists until someone with a gavel and power to prosecute you if you bullshit them looks at it, at which point it vanishes and is replaced with a slightly musty dead cat.

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“At higher energy states, the evidence can go so far as to incorporate dead South American dictators, gunfights in Frankfurt and watermarks on postal ballots, which in a lower energy environment simply do not exist at all, and never did.”

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