Monday 14 December 2020

Brexit fans delighted as series finale extended to include Christmas special

Brexit series extended to Christmas special

Sunday night’s Brexit finale has left fans on tenterhooks after the writers decided to drag out the conclusion into a two-hour Christmas special later this week.

As millions of fans gathered in front of their televisions for Sunday night’s series finale of the comedy-drama, and audible groan was heard across the nation as the writers threw in one last plot-twist which saw both sides agree to negotiate beyond the 475th deadline they had previously set.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “I’ve invested four and a half years into this convoluted and frankly confusing story arc, and as I sat there on Sunday night with my beer and popcorn, finally about to see a conclusion, they then revealed NOTHING except the news that we’ll see you in a few days to reveal the result.

“Are we getting an Iraqi-style deal? Will Navy ships be patrolling the channel in the New Year? Will the German car industry dramatically arrive at the 11th hour to save us? It feels like they’ve left an awful lot to be resolved in the Christmas special.”

Meanwhile, TV critics have been quick to criticise the lazy writing and one-dimensional lead character, with accusations that “Boris” was never going to seize victory on Sunday night, given the seasons of ineptitude viewers have had to sit through.

Critic Tarquin Matthews wrote, “Oh, so he went over there to get a deal, but then didn’t get a deal and instead kicked the so-called hard deadline down the road? Oh, how original. I think that’s the 8th time they’ve used that precise plot device in four seasons.  I’m amazed any viewers have stuck with it this long.

“Seriously, the first season was OK, but since then it’s been derivative drivel with poorly thought-through characters and an entirely predictable conclusion.

“I mean, we all know how it’s going to end, right?”

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