Republican Party outraged as Supreme Court rules the Emperor is not wearing any clothes

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A lawsuit submitted by 17 states and 106 senators asking the Supreme Court to declare that the emperor is fully-clothed has been rejected by the US Supreme Court.

The lawsuit, which claimed the emperor is fully clothed in fine robes that only intelligent, cultured people can see, had been thrown out by more than fifty judges before reaching the Supreme Court – the ultimate body for deciding if someone is stark-bollock naked, or not.

“The judges simply refused to consider the evidence that the emperor’s wing-wang is not on public display and blowing in the breeze for all the world to see,” complained Texas attorney general Simon-Bob Williams.

”We have hundreds of affidavits from people willing to swear under oath that they can see the emperor’s clothes, plus video of a man who might be the emperor from a certain angle fully dressed.

“Just because some so-called judges say they cannot see the emperors fine silken robes, ermine cloak and large crown – which I absolutely and totally can, honest – I don’t know what justice is coming to in this country.”

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In breaking news, both the emperor and several Members of his court are understood to have been diagnosed with pneumonia, which insiders have denied is related to them parading around without a stitch on.

“The emperor is fully dressed and reserves the right to pursue legal avenues to prove it,” a spokesman for the White House told us, his nudity clear to all.