Man £240 down after trying to buy ‘stocking filler’ moisturiser for wife

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A man is £240 down today after trying not to look stingy whilst buying a small ‘stocking filler’ moisturiser set for his wife.

Simon Williams, who had already spent £160 on presents for his wife for Christmas, realised his costly error, after spending 15 minutes at the counter being shown various box sets in his local Boots store this morning.

Speaking earlier today he revealed, “I can’t believe it. I’ve done it again, they got me.

“Why don’t they just put the bleeding prices on things? So you know what you are dealing with, and you don’t have to ask for help.

“This is the third year running now I’ve completely fucked up my purchase trying not to look like a tight bastard and come away spending an absolute fortune that I don’t actually have.

“All I wanted was a nice little stocking filler for the wife for about a tenner, you know to pad out her presents so she had another little thing to open on Christmas day.

“And now I’ve spent over two hundred pissing quid, on a box that has fuck knows what in it, but will apparently purify and polish her skin with a 72-hour auto replenishing hydrator and moisture surge to leave her looking radiant all day long.”

Asked if he has any more shopping left to do we were told, “Yes. And it’s all going to be done in Home Bargains.”