‘I won’t be sending Christmas Cards this year because f**k you, that’s why,’ says unusually frank friend

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A surprisingly frank post has appeared on a friend’s Facebook timeline reading simply ‘I won’t be sending Christmas Cards this year because f**k you, that’s why.’

Following several replies from friends reading ‘U OK? PM me,’ the friend has expanded on their original message.

“Look, I could pretend that I’m going to donate to charity or something instead of sending cards, but we all know that’s not really going to happen.

“To be honest, I’ll probably just buy some cheap booze and a massive Toblerone all for me. Why? Because f**k you, that’s why.”

The friend explained that it was not environmental concerns that were stopping them from sending Christmas cards.

“Environmental concerns? Nope. I drive a big car. I’ve got four tellies that are always on standby. I’ve just had a big Christmas Tree delivered and thrown a load of cheap plastic crap all over it. There are some serious ways I could help bring down my environmental impact – not buying a handful of recyclable cards is definitely not one of them.”

They also went on to explain that they weren’t too busy to send cards.

“I’ve got plenty of time. I’m working at home. There’s nothing on telly. I’ve easily got loads of time to write out some cards, but I’m not going to because f**k you, that’s why.”

Finally, the friend confirmed that everyone should send them a card early this year because they were going away for Christmas.

“Try and get your cards to be by 21st at the latest or I won’t see them. Cheers.”