Monday 7 December 2020 by Pete Redfern

Rudy Giuliani seeks treatment for COVID-19 at the ‘ER Medical Supplies and Distribution Inc’ warehouse

Rudy Giuliani goes to warehouse for covid treatment

After testing positive for COVID-19, Rudy Giuliani has wasted no time at all in heading down to the ‘ER Medical Supplies and Distribution Inc’ warehouse on a remote industrial estate.

Staff at the warehouse in downtown Philadelphia were surprised to find Mr Giuliani wandering around their business forecourt in the early hours of yesterday morning and yelling for help.

Employee Eleanor Gay told us, “We’re just a small business who supply equipment to ER rooms around the country, so we’re not entirely sure why he’s here.

“He keeps shouting incoherently and sweating hair dye, so he’s very much his usual self and as such we’re not too concerned about him.

“But to be on the safe side we thought it best to put him in a cab to the nearest hospital.”

Mr Giuliani, who is genuinely Donald Trump’s attorney, is believed to have contracted the virus directly from the sphincter of the Loser-In-Chief himself.

“Well it was almost inevitable,” said White House aide Chuck Williams, through three face masks and a visor.

“The White House is so teeming with Coronavirus you can almost see it on the surfaces.

“But brown-nosing Trump is a particularly surefire way to pick up any infection, as several Russian prostitutes will attest.”

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