GB News to ‘represent the unrepresented’ such as immigrants, homosexuals, and black people

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Rupert Murdoch’s new News Channel GB News has been approved by Ofcom and will launch in March with a promise to ‘represent the unrepresented’ and ‘serve those who feel underserved and unheard’ which, presumably means black people and other minorities, homosexuals, immigrants and all those who are marginalised by mainstream television.

“This is really exciting,” said Simon Williams, a media expert.

“For years now, television has been dominated by angry, red-faced old white men being cross about things that only really affect other angry, red-faced old white men.

“Having a news channel to ‘represent the unrepresented’ is a genuinely positive development that will not only make those minority groups feel more welcome and included but will also broaden the horizons of people who are only used to seeing angry, red-faced old white men on TV.

“I mean, the last thing we need is another news outlet for Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg to appear on while making thinly-veiled racist comments in order to drum up support for a phoney culture war that just further increases division, hatred, and prejudice.

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“So, kudos to Rupert Murdoch, I say. Well done.”

Presenters on GB News have yet to be announced but, with a promise to ‘represent the unrepresented’, will most likely include people like Gary Younge, Pinky Lilani, and Rylan Clark-Neal.