Wednesday 2 December 2020 by Wiz Chapman

New bus immediately convinces 52% of electorate to get vaccinated

Covid bus convinces 52% of people to get vaccinated

Boris Johnson has announced plans to drive around the country convincing people to get vaccinated by showing them a great big red bus.

Just hours after announcing a nationwide vaccine programme, Boris has had to take measures to fight the raft of anti-vaxxer misinformation campaigns currently being promoted online.

Johnson told reporters, “Yes, we could waste lots of time explaining how the vaccine works, the rigorous testing regimes they’ve gone through, the intricacies of the science behind this specific vaccine, but in our experience, you can get people to do what you need them to do with far less effort, which is why we’ve got the big red bus out of storage.

“One quick respray, and she is ready to go. We’ll be taking it nationwide, and early results show that 52% of the people who see it immediately believe they need to get vaccinated.

“What’s even better news, is that this 52% are in the more gullible demographic who are susceptible to misinformation, so the other 48% will probably come to the same conclusion, but after reviewing the evidence themselves.”

Former anti-vaxxer Shiela Williams told us, “I’ve spent the last six months being highly suspicious of any talk about a vaccine, having seen numerous videos online which suggested they are made from mushed up babies.

“But then I saw this bus driving down the road, and I realised I have been completely wrong.  I’ll be first in line as soon as I qualify!”

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