Twitter man finds Tess Daly attractive

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An Essex man has taken to Twitter in order to alert the popular presenter Tess Daly to the fact that he finds her attractive.

Simon Williams, an unemployed gusset-stretcher from Chelmsford, reached out to Miss Daly with the tweet – ‘Tess, you looked really sexy in your dress on TV last night’.

“Yeah, because even though she’s a celebrity and that, she’s still a woman, and women like to be complimented,” explained Mr Williams.

The tweet was the latest in a number of tweets from Mr Williams to Miss Daly.

“The important thing is to not come off like one of those weirdo stalkers,” he said.

“So, I never ever tweet anything about what I think she might look like with no clothes on.

“Well, hardly ever anyway.

“I think it’s fine as long as you don’t go on about it, there’s more to Tess than what she looks like all nude.

“If I do, though. I always make sure to use the words ‘breasts’ and ‘vagina’ and not ‘tits’ and ‘fanny.’

“It’s important to be respectful with women.”

As yet the Strictly Come Dancing star has yet to respond to Mr Williams’ tweets.

“Sometimes I think it’s a bit rude,” he said.

“It would be nice to get a ‘Dear Simon, thanks for saying my legs look good in a short dress’.

“You know, it’s us fans that make these people who they are.”

Mr Williams plans to start posting copies of his tweets on Tess Daly’s Facebook page and sending her emails to her private account.

Not to try and intimidate her, obviously, but just so she knows that he really, really likes her.