Donald Trump accepts transition to reality must begin

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Donald Trump has appeared to accept that a transition from fantasyland to reality will need to begin.

In a tweet last night he wrote the following.

“I like fantasyland. It’s nice. Everyone thinks I’ve done a great job and that my hair is really cool. However, in the interests of America, I accept the need for the country to transition to reality.”

President Trump has been living in his fantasyland since the election, occasionally visiting reality to Twitter-abuse people he’s heard about on fantasyland’s Fox News and eat a McDonald’s.

He has also tried to bring the American people into his fantasyland where the pandemic is over, the economy is booming and sexual harassment isn’t just tolerated, but is actively encouraged.

Whilst he has been able to take a large number of Americans with him into fantasyland, where they are thoroughly enjoying playing with their guns and being racist, it seems the majority of people have voted for America to face reality.

As such, after several weeks of urging, President Trump appears finally ready to allow the country to transition from fantasyland to reality.

It is expected that after the transition and President Trump leaves office, he will completely disengage with reality and live full-time in his fantasyland where is the best President of all time and hits of hole-in-one on every shot.

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