Queen Elizabeth II claims vote by Continental Congress to remove British Monarch in America was rigged, demands it be set aside

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Queen Elizabeth II, by the grace of God Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her dominions overseas, has accused the United States of ‘rigging’ a vote for the Continental Congress to remove the British Monarch as head of state, according to a statement from the court of St James today.

Elizabeth says millions of Americans actually want her in charge, and has suggested that the vote otherwise was not only rigged but interfered with by foreign agents – probably the French.

Dissenting voices have said that the Crown Dominion voting system means that the Queen always wins wherever it is used, although they have not presented evidence for that.

“They haven’t verified the signatures”, said Sir Simon FitzWilliams, new-appointed Governor of Massachusetts.

“Look at the size of this one by someone calling themselves ‘John Hancock’. It’s huge. Nobody real signs their name like that.

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“And the rest of them are all that same oldy-worldy cursive script with the same pen and ink. What are the chances of that from different people? We demand proof they weren’t all written by the same person in a blatant attempt to fix the vote.”

FitzWilliams went on to say that an audit showed African residents of the colonies were prevented from voting by dint of their being held in bondage against the ruling of the case of Somersett vs Stewart of 1769, and claimed it was undemocratic their votes weren’t counted.

He added, “It simply is not possible that millions of Americans might not want to be ruled by an autocratic monarch who promotes their useless sons and inlaws to important positions far beyond their abilities, and we suggest any votes suggesting otherwise were fraudulent and should be set aside immediately.”

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