Man City celebrate as all of their fans will finally be allowed back in the ground

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Manchester City supporters are celebrating today at the news that every one of their regular matchday supporters will be allowed back into the ground as soon as local restrictions are eased.

With news emerging today that a maximum of 4,000 fans are to be allowed to watch outdoor events in the lowest risk areas when lockdown ends next month, fans of the club, who were used to attending matches with similar numbers pre-lockdown, have reacted to the news with delight.

City fan Paul Quirk from Stockport told us, “This is brilliant news. I cannot wait to get back in there with every other city fan I know.

“It’s been rubbish not going to the games, I’ve had to just watch them all at home.

“But then Sky TV started putting all that crowd noise on it was just nothing like the actual games.

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“So it will be great to finally get back in there, with all the other fans. We know that social distancing will obviously have to take place, but let’s face it, there are always three or four seats between every fan regardless, so that won’t be a problem at all.

“We just need to get out of these Tier 3 restrictions now, and down to tier 2 so we can all start buying tickets.”

When reminded that clubs in tier 2 restrictions will actually only be allowed 2,000 fans we were told “2,000!! Get in! Bluueeee Mooooooooooon.”