Man who hasn’t listened to Radio 1 since 1997 furious at station’s decision to play edited version of Fairytale of New York

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A man who has not listened to Radio One for almost 23 years, is furious today at the station’s decision to play an edited version of Fairytale of New York.

49-year-old Simon Williams from Doncaster, who mainly just watches the news, learned of the decision earlier today after spotting the story online whilst listening to his favourite radio station, Radio 2.

Speaking earlier today he told us, “I’m livid. Absolutely fucking seething to be honest.

“This is a classic Christmas song written ages ago when words like faggot and stuff were just normal. And now you’ve got everyone getting upset and angry about one word in a song, I mean who cares to be honest – it’s pathetic.

“I’m just so fucking upset and angry that they want to edit it out though, on a station I don’t listen to, when I have the CD at home. It makes me so mad, for some reason.

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“Its political correctness gone mad if you ask me. Next they will be saying we can’t shout the n word when listening to Vanilla Ice.”

Asked to comment on the anger it has caused amongst some members of the public, local homosexual Steven Lee told us, “To be honest, most of us couldn’t give a shit about it.

“It’s a great song and we’ve actually got bigger fish to fry. We just love seeing how angry some people get when they are told they CAN’T shout faggot for six weeks a year.”