Child takes scooter to park just so dad can carry it around for two hours

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A five-year-old girl has revealed that she likes taking her scooter to the park simply to make her father lug the thing around while she enjoys the playground.

Every Saturday morning Simon Williams takes his daughter Emily to the park.

“Emily always asks to take her scooter or her bike or something,” said Simon.

“I put it in the boot, drive to the park, have a twenty-minute argument with Emily about how she has to wear her helmet, eventually manhandle the helmet onto her head, get the scooter out of the boot and off we go.

“She then rides it for about seven seconds before saying she’s ‘had enough’, throws her helmet to the ground and runs off towards the playground. I then have to spend the next two hours carrying the contraption around while she frolics on the swings and slide.

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“I know she’s only five and doesn’t do it on purpose, but it’s incredibly annoying!”

“Yeah, I totally do it on purpose,” said Emily.

“It’s hilarious!

“The key is to make the argument about the helmet last as long as possible – this makes the payoff about being bored with the scooter that much sweeter. The longer Dad shouts at me, the less time I actually ride!

“I have to be careful though – get off too soon and it’s easy for Dad to take it back to the car. But I think I’ve nearly found the point of maximum inconvenience.

“Anyway, Dad hardly gets any exercise so it’s good for him to carry something around that isn’t a biscuit.”

Simon’s wife Karen said, “Serves him right – Simon often gets me to reluctantly agree to a physical activity only for him to be finished a brief moment later.”