Daily Mail reader furious as ‘selfish hypocrite’ Marcus Rashford buys multipack bag of crisps for himself

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A Daily Mail reader is absolutely furious today after ‘hypocritical’ footballer Marcus Rashford was spotted buying a multipack bag of crisps apparently for himself, as millions of hungry white children starve.

As news emerged today, in the Daily Mail, that footballer and campaigner Rashford, who’s black, had bought something, Simon Williams, an avid reader of the paper, and part-time racist immediately took to social media to vent his fury.

“I’m just fucking livid to be honest,” he told us.

“Here he is, up on his high horse telling us what to do every day and going on about hungry kids.

“And then he’s spotted out splashing his money around like some drug dealer or something on things for himself whilst millions of white children starve.

“How can he start asking for people like me to donate to food banks when he’s out rubbing their noses in it buying 6 packs of ready salted Walkers when he doesn’t even need them?

“It’s a good job I’ve got the Daily Mail to expose things like this or he’d probably get away with it.

“He’s just like all the rest of these rich footballers who need to learn their place, like that Raheem Sterling, and, what’s the other black fella called?”

Asked to comment on the purchase earlier Rashford told us, “They were on offer to be fair, and they should last me till next week.”

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