United States to end disputes over Presidential elections by implementing VAR

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The United States is set to put an end to disputes over electoral decisions after the Premier League offered to assist with the implementation of VAR.

As the Presidential election looks set to continue for days to come, with disputed decisions being made across many states, VAR experts have insisted this could all come to an end much quicker with video technology.

Premier League spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from using VAR in the Premier League, it’s that implementing VAR puts an end to bad decisions and the ongoing debate over what actually happened.

“We can see in the US right now that there is a desperate need for such a swift and definitive resolution.  This is where VAR comes to the fore.

“So, there’s debate over whether votes absentee ballots should be counted across the rust belt? Great, let’s get the video referee to have a quick look and decide whether any fraud has been committed.

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“We know from experience that his decision will be correct 100% of the time, and it will put an end to the ongoing debate.

“Why are you laughing?”

Meanwhile, supporters of Donald Trump have welcomed the suggestion.

Campaign Manager Chuck Matthews told us, “This sounds great. So, just to be clear, there would be just one set of people who work for a commercial organisation that we would need to pay off, and then the final decision definitely goes our way? What a wonderful plan.

“Why has no-one thought of this earlier, we could probably do away with voting altogether!”

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