Tuesday 3 November 2020 by Dan Sweryt

Donald Trump set to retain crucial swing state of Russia

Donald Trump secures swing state of Russia

Donald Trump is expected to retain the crucial swing state of Russia, after important campaigning on his behalf by millions of fake Facebook profiles and dubious Twitter accounts.

Chief Putin Trump political strategist, Cymon Villiamsky, said, “This is great news for all the US voters in the traditional swing state of the former glorious USSR.

“The state itself is home to hundreds of millions of registered US voters, such as Billy-Bob Eisenhower, Johnny-Bob Kennedy and Barack-Bob Obama.

“In fact, there are more registered US voters in state of Russia than there are in US. Any accusations of voter fraud are nothing more than voter fraud itself!

“Heil Puti–I mean, Trumpski!”

Mr Trump’s political campaigning saw him visit all the swing states but he declared Russia ‘the most important’ and ‘the reason why I’m in office’.

Trump himself said, “I owe my entire political career to the vital swing state of Russia. Let’s not forget that there are only 538 electoral college votes available in all the other states combined, but Russia itself already has 539 and counting!”

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