Joe Biden surprised to take call from Donald Trump asking for dirt on Joe Biden

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US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden joined the list of people Donald Trump has called to ask for help digging dirt on Joe Biden today, we can reveal.

Donald Trump has been making increasingly desperate calls in recent weeks looking for anyone who can help him dig up some juicy scandal about his opponent.

Biden told staffers, “He asked if I’d sent any emails about myself to foreign potentates, or maybe had some family photos that cast me in a bad light – dressed as Hitler at a party in the eighties or something.

“We wanted to know if I’d paid off any prostitutes, or cheated on my wife shortly after she gave birth. Then he wanted to know if I’d fabricated any medical ailments to avoid military service.

“Finally he wanted to know if I’d avoided paying any taxes, but he seemed upset when I explained it was all in the public domain.

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“I’ll be honest, he sounded pretty desperate.”