Donald Trump slams plan to count votes in order to determine which candidate has the largest number

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US President Donald Trump has hit out at plans to count all of the votes made by the eligible population of the United States in order to determine which of the two main Presidential candidates has the largest number, calling the entire process ‘crazy’.

“You know what they want to do now, don’t you,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania.

“They want to count all the votes. All the votes. Every vote. They want to count them. I said ‘why? Why count them? Why do we need to do that?

“They said ‘Mr President, we need to count the votes to see who has the most votes. To see who is President’.

“We don’t need to count the votes. We know who’s President. I’m President. You voted for me to be President and I’m President and you all love me. You really do. And I love you.

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“And now crooked Hillary sleepy Joe and the radical left want to stop me being President and they’ll use any crazy plan to do so, even this ‘counting votes’ idea. It’s nuts. It really is.”

Mr Trump vowed to fight against the plans.

“I say we just get all the votes together. We look at them. We get smart people to look at them and we just say that I’m the President and then we can all go back to making America great again, again.”

It is thought that even under the Trump proposals for electoral reform, the president would still contrive to find a way to lose this election.