He lived twice. Once for himself, and once for everybody’s dreams

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Sean Connery has hit the ejection seat for the last time, we are sad to report.

Best known for defining James Bond to a degree that his successors would always be in his shadow, Connery played immortals in more than one sense. His Bond was a shark in a dinner jacket, a combination of killers eyes and cool.

Connery had only one accent, which he applied liberally to British, Spanish, Irish and Russian characters, but it didn’t matter. With the presence of a pillar of rock, he brought a centre to films which often did not deserve him.

Although his critics accused him of being limited in range, they were wrong; he portrayed everything from an inquisitive monk to a rebellious soldier to a two-fisted cop and never once did viewers feel short-changed. Instead, he always gave more than expected with unexpected subtlety and nuance.

With a weight of effortless cool, he combined gravitas with a twinkle that brought the audience into his world and made them feel involved beyond the screen.

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The Kurgan couldn’t do it, Blofeld couldn’t do it, Professor Moriarity couldn’t do it; Connery always cheated death.

As Q once advised him, always make sure you’ve got an escape plan.