Joe Biden gets confused, accidentally votes for Donald Trump

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden has cast his vote early for next week’s election, albeit for the wrong candidate.

The former Vice-President cast his vote in Delaware yesterday, tragically realising only seconds after sealing the envelope that he’d voted for the other guy.

“Oh man, I don’t know what happened,” he told reporters glumly, scratching his head and gazing into the middle distance.

“I think I thought when I went in that it was one of those occasions where you have to vote for the best class project or something and you weren’t allowed to vote for yourself, so I ticked the only other box on there.

“It’s only fair – if everyone voted for themselves it would be a draw, you see.”

Joe Biden’s election campaign manager Chuck Williams told press, “This is a bit unfortunate, I must admit.

“I don’t know whether he just got a bit confused, was trying to play fair, or perhaps he had some sort of a mini-stroke and for a fleeting moment believed that what America needed for another four years was a racist, criminally inept sexual predator.”

He added, “We just hope this is one of those Trump votes that the President claims is getting dumped in brooks.”