Keir Starmer slammed for wanting to win a general election in this lifetime

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Labour leader Keir Starmer is under fire from his own party this afternoon for ‘behaving in a manner designed to appeal to the electorate’, according to reports.

Starmer, who has pledged to respond fully to an ECHR report on antisemitism in the party, is accused of seeking to attract voters – a move which his critics have decried as ‘utterly unacceptable’.

“Look, we were prepared to tolerate Kier being in charge so long as he maintained core Labour policies, like losing election after election and blaming everyone but ourselves,” said Labour MP and  Momentum supporter Simon Williams.

“But by taking steps to ‘engage’ with ‘voters’, this puts the party in real danger of having to actually form a government at some point – rather than being the comfortable environment for consequence-free activism which its members really want.

“If he keeps this up, I’ll resign as an MP and trigger a by-election. If I do that, there’s a risk someone who doesn’t say incredibly stupid shit on Question Time and Twitter might get voted in, and who in the party wants that?”

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