“You shouldn’t have had so many children if you can’t afford to support them”, Boris Johnson told

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Boris Johnson is really struggling on his enormous salary.

The Prime Minister of the UK and father of anything between three and nine children has reportedly complained that he is skint, despite a yearly salary of £150,000.

“These people really need to learn to budget properly,” said UK voter, Hayley Rice.

“When I was growing up, my dad only had a wage of £150,000 but he always ensured there was food on the table. None of these big TVs or fancy cars or fathering illegitimate children by multiple women for him. He made the money last.

“Boris needs to learn to live within his means. He can live on the Waitrose essentials range; a packet of swan burgers is only seventeen quid for two. He doesn’t have to go out to eat all the time.

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“We certainly shouldn’t be giving any more money to Conservative politicians. They’ll only spend it all on drugs and booze anyway, if that Michael Gove is anything to go by, which I reckon he definitely is.”

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