Monday 19 October 2020 by Mark Molloy

Bon Jovi reveals he is now ¾ of the way there

Jon Bon Jovi now ¾ of the way there

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed today that he is now ¾ of the way there.

The American rocker, who has famously been singing that he is ‘halfway there’ since 1986 has today finally revealed that he is in fact more like ¾ of the way there the last time he looked.

Speaking earlier today he told us “It’s true, I think we’re getting there, slowly but surely.

“I mean, granted, I have been halfway there for a number of years now and it was getting a bit annoying to be honest, and I have to say it was so tough, it was tough.

“But I just had to hold on to what I had and crack on really, and I knew we’d make it eventually.

“And now I’m just over the moon to make some progress. Last time I checked we were just over ¾ of the way there, so one big push now and I think we can do it.”

Asked when he thinks he might eventually get all of the way there he told us, “2034, hopefully, if I’m still alive.”

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