Man who quit gym insists he still has an Australian-style deal with them

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35-year-old Simon Williams has quit his local gym but insists he is moving to an Australian-style deal with them, which will provide him with exactly the same membership benefits as other non-members.

Williams, an infrequent gym-user, said he decided to leave because he was sick of giving £45 a month to the gym, even though they spent a chunk of that money providing facilities that he directly benefitted from.

“It’s my money, and I should get to decide what it gets spent on, and that starts by not sending it to a gym every month.”

Williams has spent the best part of three weeks negotiating with the gym to ensure he could retain all of the benefits of membership, but in return for no membership fees, or the requirement to follow the same rules as other members.

“I’ve failed, but only because they’re not negotiating in good faith,” he told us.

“I’ve been very keen to do a deal, I had an oven-ready one for them to sign, but apparently they’re reluctant to concede any terms with someone who routinely tears up agreements they’ve previously made.

“So I have no choice but to fall back on the Australian-style deal that I already have with them.”

When asked about the terms of the Australian-style deal, Williams said they are exactly the same as those used by every other non-member of the gym.

He concluded, “The important point to remember is that I am no longer sending them all this money every week, and so I’m about twelve pounds a week better off – so please don’t focus on the fact that I’m slowly adding weight and becoming less healthy as a result.”