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Joe Biden creates MySpace account to attract youth vote

Joe Biden joins Myspace to attract the youth vote

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has created a MySpace page to reach out to the youth vote and plans a major launch event today.

The 18-30 demographic is a key target for the democrats at the next election, and the new party page is designed to show the party as both cool and relevant to modern tech-savvy youngsters.

The page features several animated of gifs of Biden and plays a midi file of the Star Spangled Banner when it is opened. It also hosts a link to a Usenet group where the kids can talk about how much Biden winning means to them.

“We’ve got to engage with young voters by getting them off their Dreamcasts and into a more active role politically,” Biden Campaign technology evangelist Simon Williams told us.

“So we’ve put a lot of work into optimising our Geocities account for Netscape Navigator 4 to ensure they get the best possible experience.

“So, kids. If you want to be associated with the hippest, most happening party around, let us have your ICQ number and we’ll send you a free pack of Kamala Harris pogs.”

The page replaces the previous Democrat party social media site, which was set up by Barack Obama on Livejournal.

The Spice Girls had been invited to unveil the new page at a launch party this morning, but in the event, only Geri Halliwell showed up but still managed to drink all the champagne.

Early reports suggest that the site already has significant traffic from Hipsters who find the whole thing oddly endearing.

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