‘Oh for f*ck’s sake’ says world as man catches Covid for second time

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The whole world has responded with one big ‘for fuck’s sake’ today upon learning the news of a man who has contracted coronavirus twice.

As news emerged today of a man in the US contracting the disease for a second time with far more serious symptoms than the first, the whole world has reacted with a great big united ‘for fuck’s sake’ upon hearing the unwelcome news.

Scientist Simon Williams confirming the news revealed, “We are not taking the piss I’m afraid, it’s true.

“Just when everyone starts to get really sick of all this shit, and had enough of all the pain and misery it’s causing, we find out that once you’ve had the bastard thing once, you can still frigging get it again, and second time might be worse.

“And just to make matters worse, the guy was quite young and healthy too, just so no one can relax, no-one on the whole bastard planet.

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“Now all we need is all the various vaccines trials to fail, Trump to win the election and this guy to catch it a third time and it just about tops off what has become a truly amazing year.”

Commenting on news of the second infection earlier, member of the public Eleanor Gay told us, “Oh for FUCK’s sake, are you taking the piss?”