Nickelback greatest hits compilation just a blank CD

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Fans of popular rock group Nickelback have been left delighted today after the latest compilation of the bands greatest tunes was revealed to be 64 minutes of silence on a CD.

Nickelback, who have topped charts across the world with hits like, oh, you know, the one that goes Da da da da daaaa and the other one that has him shouting a lot in it, had their promised 2020 tour cancelled due to the virus – but have delivered fans something even better with the new release.

“The great thing about this album is that it lets me be a fan of Nickelback without actually having to listen to them,” said superfan Simon Williams.

“Yes, in theory, their brand of foot-stomping stadium rock that your Dad likes is great, but everyone knows that the reality is just that bit different, isn’t it?

“This way, if I accidentally put the album on in my car I get the absolute best that Nickelback have ever produced – over an hour of blissful, heart-calming silence.”

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A spokesman for the band said that early sales have been so good they’re already putting the Greatest Hits Volume 2 compilation together so fans can enjoy not listening to even more of their music.

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