‘What wife?’ – Trump responds to questions about Melania’s Covid recovery

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Donald Trump has responded to questions about the First Lady’s recovery from Coronavirus by maintaining that he’s never heard of this ‘Melania’ and definitely doesn’t have a wife and any suggestion otherwise is ‘fake news.’

There has been increasing speculation that Melania’s recovery is not going well as she has not been seen, mentioned, or had her existence in any way acknowledged since the first mention of her Covid diagnosis.

“What wife?” Trump responded after a journalist inquired after the health of the First Lady.

“Don’t have a wife. Never had a wife. No wife here. Never has been. If I did have a wife, she’d be the best wife. But I don’t. Definitely not. Nah-hah. You are crazy if you think I’ve got a wife. Look at the crazy journalist. He’s crazy.”

Trump’s denial of the existence of his wife has led to speculation that Melania is actually critically ill from coronavirus and Trump believes it is better to deny any knowledge of her exitance rather than admit that Covid could potentially be quite serious.

There is, however, the far more likely theory that Trump is so high on the cocktail of drugs and steroids he received to treat his Covid that he now genuinely can’t remember that he has a wife.