Facebook bans content denying the Holocaust after finally being persuaded it definitely happened

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Facebook has moved to ban all Holocaust denial content from its platform following a lengthy investigation that concluded that yes, it did in fact happen.

Facebook has long taken an equivocal stance on users promoting holocaust denial, but has now decided that it definitely happened and that people denying it happened is “a bad thing”.

Spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “We’ve looked into it, reading books, looking at some documentaries and even some first-hand accounts from the very few survivors left, and we have to admit, it all makes a pretty compelling case that the Holocaust definitely happened.

“In light of this discovery, we have decided to put a stop all Holocaust denial content on our platform due to its harmful nature, not just harmful to the families and communities directly involved, but also to the national discourse.

“We recognise that truth matters, and now that we’ve discovered it, we hope you’ll congratulate us on taking such a firm stance.”

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Following a parallel investigation, Facebook is expected in the coming days to ban all content which alleges the Pope is not Catholic.