Doncaster lockdown rules relaxed to allow essential flytipping

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Groups of three from different families will be allowed to meet in a secondhand builders van between the hours of 11pm and 3am for the purposes of flytipping, Doncaster council has confirmed today.

Flytipping, which forms over 80% of the South Yorkshire SME building trades and second-hand tyre dealership economy, has been hit by restrictions which prevented groups of unrelated people hanging out the Melton Woods car park in the early hours.

“People don’t seem to understand how badly our business has been hit by the Coronavirus,” said local builder Simon Williams.

“Yeah, building work is mostly outdoors, but I’ve got to get our lads Dazza and Mike in the van as well because if I’m caught unloading a couple of hundredweight of pipe lagging and old insulation in a layby off the A635 by myself I might lose my disability benefits.

“What am I supposed to do? Pay for a disposal license like everyone else? Do I look like I’m made of money?

“And there’s always the worry you might run into someone dumping a stack of old lorry tyres in a prime tipping spot, which can lead to trouble.”

Although the easing of restrictions has been greeted by builders, the local dogging community is up in arms over the change, demanding to be included.

“It’s unfair builders and tyre merchants can use the Denaby Ings car park but we can’t,” we were told.

“Our protests will continue until they start including more old mattresses in the refuse they dump.”