Mesut Ozil to replace Gunnersaurus as Arsenal mascot

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Mesut Ozil has replaced Gunnersaurus as the club’s new mascot at Arsenal, it has been revealed.

Ozil has been left out of the Gunners’ Europa League squad, meaning he will have very little to do during weekday European ties until Arsenal are inevitably knocked out of the tournament.

Ozil told reporters, “Aside from being dressed in a giant green dinosaur costume, it won’t be much different from my current role at the club.  Lots of standing around watching the team play.  Maybe be a bit more arm waving I suppose.

“In fact, this opportunity would allow me to get onto the Emirates pitch a lot than I have been as an Arsenal player.  If I’m particularly good, they might even let me kick and ball every now and again.”

It is being reported that Arsenal are currently designing a specific training schedule for the 31-year-old German as he embarks on a new position at the club.

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A statement on the Arsenal official website read, “Gunnersaurus has been the Arsenal club mascot for 27 years. He’s a club icon but all good things must come to an end, but his end is someone else’s beginning.

“It is pretty clear that Mesut Ozil won’t be used in a footballing capacity this season. Therefore, it is only fair that he earns the astronomical wage we are legally obliged to keep giving him by contributing to the club in other ways.

“And that includes running around the pitch like an idiot in an empty stadium on matchdays – just in a mascot costume instead.”