Man somehow thinks government’s first step in trying to control everything we do is to make everyone much harder to recognise in public

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The first step for any totalitarian state intent on the complete subjugation of its people is to make each of them much harder to identify when in public, according to a man on social media who definitely recognises this behaviour.

Simon Williams, 35, insists that the government’s ongoing demand for “so-called free citizens” to wear facemasks while out in public is just the first step in their secret plan to control everything we do.

Williams explained, “Masks are the government’s way of control us. It’s obvious.

“Think about it, if you wanted total control over everything the people do, and to completely remove their freedoms, the first thing you’d do is make sure you can’t recognise them when they’re out and about breaking any rules you might try to put in place.

“What better way to enact your total control over a group of people than by ensuring you can’t tell them apart?”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have insisted that masks – while an inconvenience, and sometimes uncomfortable – are a very small price to pay on the off-chance it might keep someone more vulnerable than themselves, safe.

Jake Matthews told us, “If I’m asymptomatic, and a mask reduces, even slightly, the amount of virus I spread into the air when I’m out and about, then fine, I’ll happily wear a mask while I do the shopping.

“And if Simon wants to carry on believing the government is out to get him, then he should go right ahead. The rest of us will go about our days suffering a few minor inconveniences because the government is a bit incompetent, rather than being afraid of any Machiavellian plot on their behalf.”

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