Wednesday 7 October 2020

Local dog horrified to see other dogs keeping their owners muzzled

Dog walkers wearing facemasks

Local dog, Buster Williams, has this morning spoken out at the horrific treatment of other dogs who appear to be keeping their owners muzzled while they are out in public.

Williams, a five-year-old Boxer, was out walking with his owner this morning when he noticed other dogs being walked by muzzled humans.

“It’s just cruel to cover their mouths like that,” he told us.

“Humans are almost entirely harmless, did you know that? If you’d spent your life around them, as I have, then you’d probably know that.

“Sure, you see the odd thing in the news about one human attacking another one, but they are very much the exception.  I really don’t think it’s right that you should muzzle all of them just because of the bad behaviour of a few.

“I mean, yes, if you happen to be owned by a dangerous human, then, by all means, insist they wear a muzzle. I’m talking government minister, special adviser, that sort of thing.  Obviously they should never leave the house uncovered.  Ideally they’d never lead the house at all.

“But I see no reason to make every normal dog walking human wear a muzzle when they are out and about.”

Buster’s owner, Sharon Williams told us, “Buster is a dog, with intelligence comparable to that of an 18-month old human.  He would rather lick his own balls than read a newspaper.  It is absolutely no surprise to anyone that he thinks facemasks are muzzles.”

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