Despite being dead, Eddie van Halen still a better guitarist than most live ones

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There have been other great guitarists, but none who made playing seem as fun as Eddie van Halen.

Even when sharing a stage with a man he was famous for actively disliking, Eddie managed to make playing the best thing you could possibly be doing – and managed to make Dave Lee Roth only the second most famous member of his band.

In fact, he was such a good guitarist he managed to make his drummer famous.

Truly, nothing ever got him down, and the sense of joy which came from his music filled both dance floors and hearts with moments of escape from reality for millions.

Songs about race cars, school love and taking a chance might have seemed simplistic, but were presented with a virtuosity that made their complexity appear easy, like they were things anyone might have created if only they picked up an instrument.

Eddie was 65, or 130 in normal musician years.