Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to infectious disease experts in the Facebook comments

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Today, the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine to all the infectious disease experts who have continuously and selflessly advanced medical research by sharing their knowledge through informed comments and posts on Facebook.

The award has surprised many, but one member of the Nobel prize committee explained, “Without these people, we would still be totally helpless in the face of Covid-19.

“We would like to thank all those individuals who contributed via the humble sharing of their vast knowledge in this complex field, knowledge which had been totally ignored by science due to political correctness.”

The committee member went on to thank in particular Derek Williams, a retiree from Basingstoke, who was the first to demonstrate the transmission of the coronavirus thanks to nanoparticles fed by 5G antennas with a frequency of 300 MHz, among others.

Sharon Matthews, 41, who proved in a lengthy Facebook post that vaccines made by Bill Gates included nanochips containing the gene for autism, socialism, as well as a population marker and a prototype of a remote mind-control drug that is activated by the chemtrails dropped by planes financed by George Soros.

“These are fundamental and historic discoveries for 21st-century medical research, and we are delighted to acknowledge the people who made these discoveries” commented the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Meanwhile, critics have called on the Nobel committees to finally recognise the important role played by David Icke in promoting the truth about modern medicine.

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